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HjemMeatest M160 Precision DC Calibrator

Meatest M160 Precision DC Calibrator

Meatest M160 Precision DC Calibrator
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  • DC Voltage up to 100.0000 V, 20 ppm
  • DC Current up to 50.0000 mA, 50 ppm
  • Full accuracy in wide temperature range 23 +/- 10°C
  • Rapid amplitude changes for dynamic applications
  • Frequency up to 15 kHz, 50 ppm
  • TC simulation R, S, B, J, T, E, K, N
  • Resistance up to 300 kΩ and RTD simulation Pt, Ni (option)
  • RS232 (optionally USB, IEEE488, Ethernet)

Precision DC calibrator M160 is a portable source of industrial process signals including DC voltage, DC current, thermocouple and RTD simulation, resistance and frequency.


Unlike most of the other process calibrators, the M160 comes with exceptional 20 ppm accuracy over 20°C-wide reference temperature range.


All these features are combined with user friendly interface multi-interface remote control and robust design make this calibrator ideal for both calibration laboratories as well as industry professionals.


Main parameters of both generated and measured signals are displayed on large LCD together with function-specific tooltip, providing auxiliary information like range, accuracy or load limit.


The instrument can be connected to different ATE systems via RS232, USB, LAN or GPIB interface.


M160 is sophisticated instrument with its own recalibration procedure.

The procedure enables to correct any deviation without mechanical adjustment.




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Meatest has great tradition in making calibration and measurement equipment with lasting reliability, user-friendliness and high performance at the very top of its priorities.


Instrumentcenter has long experience of calibration och measurement equipment which makes the combination of these two cpmpanies an ideal and a safe choice for you.

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