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HjemHigh Voltage ProductsSystemVME based systemsiseg VHS -Versatile High Voltage Module in VME Standard

iseg VHS -Versatile High Voltage Module in VME Standard

iseg VHS -Versatile High Voltage Module in VME Standard
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The VHS modules of this series are multichannel high voltage power supplies in VME standard. With up to 12 channels each single channel has an independent voltage and current control. Being offered in different configurations this module perfectly covers various types of applications such as detector supply, experimental setup or lab use. The module is made of high precision components as 24 bit ADC and 20 bit DAC and provides comprehensive security features.
  • Low ripple and noise
  • Hardware voltage and current limits
  • Voltage and current control per channel
  • Programmable parameters (delayed trip, ramp etc.)
  • Low voltage configurations possible (VMS modules)

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