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HjemPC Instrument/DataloggersTemperaturSRS PTC10 Programmable temperature controller

SRS PTC10 Programmable temperature controller

SRS PTC10 Programmable temperature controller
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SRS PTC10 Programmable temperature controller
SRS PTC10 Programmable temperature controller
SRS PTC10 Programmable temperature controller

Input Cards

The PTC320 Thermistor/Diode/RTD reader has a single input that can read a variety of resistive and diode temperature sensors including thermistors, RTDs, cryogenic diodes, and ruthenium oxide sensors.


The PTC321 RTD reader has four inputs for 100 Ω platinum RTD sensors. Each channel has a four-wire input with its own 1 mA current source for sensor excitation. The current can be reversed with each reading to cancel out stray thermocouple EFMs.


The PTC330 four-channel thermocouple input card is factory configured to read either E, J, K, N or T type thermocouples. Each channel is electrically isolated allowing thermocouples to be attached to electrically-live equipment. An internal isothermal block, with its own RTD temperature sensor, provides highly accurate cold junction measurements.


Output Cards

The PTC420 AC output card is a heater driver that switches up to 5 A of 100 VAC to 240 VAC line current with a solid-state relay. The output power is controlled by switching the current on for some fraction of a 10 s cycle period and off for the remainder of the period. The PTC420 is intended to drive large heaters with response times of more than about 10 s. A PTC chassis can run up to two PTC420s at full power simultaneously.


The PTC430 DC output card delivers up to 1 A of current at 50 VDC, or up to 2 A at 20 VDC. Its unipolar output provides finer control for driving smaller, faster responding heaters.


The PTC440 TEC driver delivers ±5 A of current at ±12 VDC. This bipolar output card is optimized for driving thermoelectric coolers. It also includes a temperature sensor input that can read thermistors, RTDs, LM135, and AD590 sensors.

A PTC chassis can run up to three PTC430s and/or PTC440s at full power simultaneously.





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  • Up to 16 input channels
  • Up to 6 PID feedback control channels
  • 50 Hz PID sampling
  • 1 mK resolution
  • Data logging on removable flash media
  • USB, Ethernet, RS232 interfaces (std.)
  • GPIB interface (opt.)

The PTC10 Programmable Temperature Controller from SRS is the ideal instrument for measuring temperature, controlling heaters, and logging temperature data.


The PTC10 Programmable Temperature Controller is a modular system that can be configured to suit a wide range of applications. The system consists of the PTC10 Controller and up to four I/O cards - two types of input cards for RTDs and thermocouples, and two types of output cards for driving heaters.


The I/O cards are ordered separately, and you can mix and match them in any way you wish.


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