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HjemPC Instrument/DataloggersSystemMeilhaus ME-Synapse USB ME-1-USB DAQ station - USB "Docking"-Station

Meilhaus ME-Synapse USB ME-1-USB DAQ station - USB "Docking"-Station

Meilhaus ME-Synapse USB ME-1-USB DAQ station - USB
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Meilhaus ME-Synapse USB ME-1-USB DAQ station - USB
Meilhaus ME-Synapse USB ME-1-USB DAQ station - USB

All current ME series board for USB!

Now you can use the Meilhaus Electronic DAQ and control boards also remotely at the PC's USB. The ME-Synapse USB "converts" all supported ME series boards to USB.

The robust "docking station" offers one active 3 U CompactPCI slot and a passive slot for board-extensions.

The intelligent driver system ME-iDS makes no difference whether you are programming a PCI board in a local PC or a CompactPCI board in a remote ME-Synapse USB.




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  • High grade of flexibility through large selection of ME boards.
  • Make use of the full functionality and expandability of the ME boards.
  • Full compatibility of PCI, PXI, LAN, USB in software and hardware.
  • DAQ board can be exchanged - ideal solution for system integrators and/or "cross platform projects".




"Docking" station/converter from 3 U CompactPCI to USB 2.0 full-speed.
Control all supported ME series (cPCI) boards remotely and decentrally via USB.
Robust industrial housing. 19" rack mountable with optional rack mount kit.
1 active and 1 passive slot for ME board.
Rugged, standardised CompactPCI/PXI technology holds the boards securely.
ME DAQ hardware programmed with the intelligent software driver system ME-iDS
- no difference whether locally or remotely. Ideal solution for "cross platform projects" USB - LAN - PCI - CompactPCI/PXI.


Complete packages - examples

ME-Synapse USB 4660: 16 bit USB DAQ station and datalogger.
ME-Synapse USB 6100i/4: 16 bit galvanically isolated USB analog signal output.
ME-Synapse USB 8200A: Opto-isolated event monitoring and digital switching system for USB.


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