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HjemBænkinstrumentModulinstrumentSRS SIM modulinstumentSRS SIM964 Analog 1 MHz Limiter

SRS SIM964 Analog 1 MHz Limiter

SRS SIM964 Analog 1 MHz Limiter
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SRS SIM964 Analog 1 MHz Limiter
SRS SIM964 Analog 1 MHz Limiter


Limit settings  ±10 V (both upper and lower)
Resolution  10 mV
Bandwidth  1 MHz
Limit type  Soft limit (100 mV range)
Input impedance  1 MΩ
Output noise <400 µVrms
THD 0.01 % (80 dB) at 1 kHz
Slew rate 20 V/µs
Limit detect TTL level signals (rear-panel BNC

connectors) are high when upper or

lower limits are exceeded.
Operating temp. 0 °C to 40 °C, non-condensing

Interface Serial via SIM interface
Connectors BNC (2 front, 2 rear) DB15 (male) SIM interface
Power Power supplied by the SIM900 Mainframe,

or optionally by a user-supplied DC

power supply (±15 V and +5 V)

Dimensions 1.5" × 3.6" × 7.0" (WHL)
Weight 1.5 lbs.
Warranty One year parts and labor on

defects in materials and





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  • Settable upper & lower limits (±10 V)
  • 10 mV resolution
  • 1 MHz bandwidth
  • TTL outputs for limit detecting
  • High slew rate

The SIM964 Analog Limiter provides upper and lower voltage limits for conditioning dynamic signals.


Limits are set between ±10 V with 10 mV resolution. Two rear-panel TTL signals are activated when upper or lower limits are exceeded.


The SIM964 uses SRS's clock-stopping architecture design to eliminate digital noise artifacts.

The low output noise and low harmonic distortion of the SIM964 make it ideal for many applications. 

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