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HjemBænkinstrumentModulinstrumentSRS SIM modulinstumentSRS SIM940 — 10 MHz rubidium Frequency Standard oscillator

SRS SIM940 — 10 MHz rubidium Frequency Standard oscillator

SRS SIM940 — 10 MHz rubidium Frequency Standard oscillator
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SRS SIM940 — 10 MHz rubidium Frequency Standard oscillator




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  • Three 10 MHz outputs
  • 1 pps input and output for GPS synchronization
  • 20 year aging less than 0.005 ppm
  • Ultra-low phase noise (<-130 dBc/Hz at 10 Hz)
  • Remote interface
The SIM940 integrates a rubidium oscillator (SRS model PRS10) into the SIM900 platform. It provides stable and reliable performance with an estimated 20 year aging of less than 5 × 10-9 and a demonstrated rubidium oscillator MTBF of over 200,000 hours. The SIM940 is an ideal instrument for calibration and R&D laboratories or any application requiring a precision frequency standard.


There are three 10 MHz outputs with exceptionally low phase noise (-130 dBc/Hz at 10 Hz offset) and one second Allan variance (<2 × 10-11). The SIM940 can be phase-locked to an external 1 pps reference (like GPS), providing Stratum 1 performance. A 1 pps output is also provided that has less than 1 ns of jitter and may be set with 1 ns resolution.


All functions of the SIM940 can be controlled from a computer via the SIM900 Mainframe. Both RS-232 and GPIB interfaces are supported by the mainframe.

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