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HjemPC Instrument/DataloggersDataloggrarSpänning V/mVGraphtec GL840-M Handheld, 20- to 200-channel Data Logger

Graphtec GL840-M Handheld, 20- to 200-channel Data Logger

Graphtec GL840-M Handheld, 20- to 200-channel Data Logger
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Graphtec GL840-M Handheld, 20- to 200-channel Data Logger
Graphtec GL840-M Handheld, 20- to 200-channel Data Logger




21 154 DKK

  • 20 analog input channels, expandable to 200
  • Programmable per channel
  • ±20 mV to ±100 V over 12 ranges
  • Supports direct-connected thermocouples of any type
  • Supports direct-connected PT100/PT1000 RTDs
  • Full isolation per channel (60 V GL840-M; 300 V GL840-WV)
  • 4 discrete input channels
    • Programmable as a group as logic or pulse inputs
    • Pulse inputs support counter or frequency inputs
  • 4 discrete alarm outputs
  • Optional WiFi wireless operation
  • Flexible triggering
  • Built-in, 7-inch color display
  • Built-in Web server operation for remote operations
  • Removable SD memory support up to 32 GB capacity
  • Operates either stand-alone or PC-connected
  • PC-side software include

The GL840-M package includes a GL840-M data logger, an AC adapter, and software on CD.


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