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HjemHåndholdt InstrumentsMiljøinstrumentLydmålereSound level meters Amprobe SM-10 Lydmålere 30 ~130dB

Amprobe SM-10 Lydmålere 30 ~130dB

  Amprobe SM-10 Lydmålere 30 ~130dB
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  Amprobe SM-10 Lydmålere 30 ~130dB




1 269 DKK

  • Measuring ranges: A Weighting 30 ~130dB
  • C Weighting 35~130dB
  • Frequency range: 31.5Hz~8KHz 
  • Display with 0.1dB steps on a 4 digits LCD 
  • Slow (1 sec) and fast (125ms) response settings to check peak and average noise levels 
  • MAX/MIN recording 
  • Data Hold to freeze reading on digital display 
  • Accessories supplied: Carrying case, windscreen, user manual and 9V Battery 
  • CE, designed to meet IEC651 Type2, ANSI S1.4 Type2


The Amprobe SM-10 Sound Level Meter is designed to meet the measurement requirements of Safety Engineers, Health, Industrial safety offices and Quality Control in various environments. It offers two types of measurements: A and C weighting.

The A weighting is for general noise sound level and the C weighting is for measuring sound level of acoustic material control in various environments (ie 94dB 1 kHz etc...). The SM-10 conforms to the IEC651 Type 2, ANSI S1.4 Type 2, and JISC1502 requirements for Sound Level Meters. Which means the SM-10 uses two different weighting filters required by the IEC 651 and ANSI S1.4 Type 2: the A-Weighting and the C-Weighting audio filtering.

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