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HjemRigolRigol T2R1000 Tektronix-to-Rigol-Adapter

Rigol T2R1000 Tektronix-to-Rigol-Adapter

Rigol T2R1000 Tektronix-to-Rigol-Adapter
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Rigol T2R1000 Tektronix-to-Rigol-Adapter
Rigol T2R1000 Tektronix-to-Rigol-Adapter
Rigol T2R1000 Tektronix-to-Rigol-Adapter

Tektronix Active Probes Supported by T2R1000


Single Ended Active Voltage Probes:

P6205, P6243, P6245, P6241, P6249


Differential Active Voltage Probes:

P5205, P5210, P6246, P6247, P6248, P6250, P6251


Current Probes:



Optical Probes:

P6701B, P6703B, P6711, P6713




2 192 DKK


T2R1000 active probe adaptor can be used to connect the TekProbe-BNC level II probe with RIGOL DS6000 series or MSO4000/DS4000 series digital oscilloscope.


T2R1000 converts the TekProbe-BNC interface to RIGOL-Probe interface and supplies power, calibration and DC offset adjustment function for probe.




Bandwidth: >4GHz (T2R1000 only)

Power Supplies: ±5V, ±15VMax Output Current
DC Offset Range: <±1V (from the output terminal of T2R1000)

Max Input Voltage: 42Vpk, 30Vrms

Temperature Operation: 0℃-50℃; Non-operation: -40℃-70℃

Humidity: 95%RH at 50℃
Altitude: 4000m

Size: 60mm (length)×33.7mm (width)×29.5mm (Depth)

Weight: 132g (with package); 41g (without package)

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