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HjemRigolRigol S1210 EMI Pre-compliance Software

Rigol S1210 EMI Pre-compliance Software

Rigol S1210 EMI Pre-compliance Software
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Rigol S1210 EMI Pre-compliance Software
Rigol S1210 EMI Pre-compliance Software
Rigol S1210 EMI Pre-compliance Software
Rigol S1210 EMI Pre-compliance Software
Rigol S1210 EMI Pre-compliance Software

Note: The S1210 Video starts at 1:28 


You can perform conduction and radiation tests using S1210 EMI Pre-compliance Software and RIGOL DSA series spectrumanalyzer.


You can measure the interference voltage on the power cable using the linear impedance stability network (LISN) and perform amplitude correction on the results by loading the correction factor (preamplifier, attenuator, antenna, cable, or correctionarray) automatically in the radiation test.


This software also provides various functions to facilitate your measurements.

You can set various parameters (such as the frequency range, resolution bandwidth, and scan time) via the scan table.


After performing a scan, the results can be displayed in log or linearformat.


You can search for signal peak value and view the results displayed in the peak table.

Besides, you can mark and delete the undesired signal, as well as easily recognize signals that do not pass the standard limit line.


The software also supports the markertable.

In the marker table, you can double click the table to add a marker to mark any frequency point that interests you.




3 554 DKK


S1210 EMI Pre-compliance Software is a PC application software developed by RIGOL for DSA1000A, DSA1000, DSA800 and DSA800E (with the EMI-DSA800 option) with the EMI function.


This software is designed on the basis of the standard drive VISA andyou can realize the communication between the software and instrument via USB-TMC interface to control the instrument.

  • Introduces the workspace concept - Manage multiple measurements easily
  • 'Demo' mode included - Trial the software without an instrument and a licence
  • Includes an independent data manager function to edit files required by the software
  • Includes an amplitude correction function to preview the correction setting and to get the calibration results, promptly
  • Includes pre-scan and final-scan functions with three modes - Clear/Write, Repeat Clear/Write and Repeat Max Hold
  • Includes a limit-line function for quick assessment of the results
  • Supports segment scanning and editing of tables to for efficiency
  • Choose between a log or linear frequency axis
  • The amplitude axis supports multiple units
  • Includes comprehensive peak search settings
  • Supports importing and exporting of the peak table
  • Supports editing of the marker table - Mark any frequency of interest
  • Supports the setting of a reference trace - Compare measured results easily
  • Supports simple operation on the spectral graph
  • includes a report generation function
  • Supports multiple languages (without restarting the software)

The Rigol S1210 EMI Pre-Compliance Test PC Software supersedes the previous version - The Rigol EMI Test System PC Software.


For detailed information, please refer to the following documents that can be found under the 'Documents,


  • A datasheet
  • A features comparison table (between the latest version and the previous version)

The Rigol S1210 EMI Pre-Compliance Test PC software and Help Document can be downloaded for FREE from Rigol Int. site.


The software has a built-in 'demo' mode that can be used without a licence.


Please note - The Rigol S1210 EMI Pre-Compliance Test PC Software can only be used with a Rigol spectrum analyser that has an active 'EMI filter and quasi-peak detector' licence (not required for 'demo' mode)

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