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HjemPC Instrument/DataloggersUSB Produkter

USB Produkter

Asix UCAB232 USB to RS232 Conversion Cable
UCAB232 is a USB to RS232 converter based on FT232BL chip by the company FTDI, Glasgow, UK. UCAB232 ...
215 DKK
Asix UCAB232i USB to RS232 Conversion Cable with 5 kVolt galvanic isolation
Full RS232 implementation Inputs with improved immunity to interference suitable for industrial appl...
496 DKK
MQP Packet-Master USB12 Hardware USB Bus Analyser for development of Low and Full Speed USB devices
The Packet-Master USB12 is a Hardware USB Bus Analyser, intended for development of Low and Full Sp...
4 577 DKK
MQP Packet-Master USB500 AG High Speed, Full Speed and Low Speed USB Bus Analyser / USB Generator / VBUS Monitor
Save Development Time Identify Problems Fast Fine-tune Performance Understand USB View Host Command ...
11 438 DKK
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