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HjemHåndholdt InstrumentsMiljøinstrumentLydmålereSound level meters

Sound level meters

Amprobe SM-10 Lydmålere 30 ~130dB
Measuring ranges: A Weighting 30 ~130dBC Weighting 35~130dBFrequency range: 31.5Hz~8KHz Display wit...
1 269 DKK
Amprobe SM-20-A Sound Meter 30~130dB with PC computer download capabilities
Designed to meet the measurement requirements of safety engineers, health, industrial safety office...
2 769 DKK
Chauvin Arnoux CA832 Sound Meter 35 to 130 dB
In a compact case protected by a shockproof cover, the Physics Line C.A 832 digital sonometer checks...
2 381 DKK
Chauvin Arnoux CA834 Recording Sound Level Meter 30 to 130dB
The C.A 834 Recording Sound Level Meter is designed to evaluate acoustic environments or noise pollu...
3 508 DKK
Castle dBAir Sound Meters - the new benchmark in sound measurement
A unique Castle innovation, everything about the new Castle dBAir is designed, manufactured and supp...
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