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HjemEMC produkterÖvriga Instrument

Övriga Instrument

Beehive 150A Probe Amplifier
High gain and low noise improves measurement sensitivity and speed.Wide bandwidth allows it to be us...
3 769 DKK
Aaronia Real-Time RF Drone and Radar Detection System
Real-time measurement of the RF emissions from drones / UAV´s, radar etc.Specialized Drone Detection...
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Schlöder CDG 6000 Conducted disturbance test generator 150 kHz – 230 MHz
Frequency range 150 KHz to 230 MHzCDG 6000-75 with 75 W amplifierOutput voltage (CDN or coupling cla...
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Schlöder Coupling-/Decoupling Network for IEC 61000-4-6
Coupling- /decoupling networks (CDN) for immunity tests to conducted disturbances induced by radio f...
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Schlöder CDN-EMCL, EM clamp for immunity tests acc. EN 61000-4-6
The preferred coupling and decoupling devices are the CDNs, for reasons of test reproducibility and ...
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Schlöder CWG 1500 Surge / Hybrid Generator
The test generator CWG 1500 simulates high energy interference impulses. It can be used for EMC test...
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Schlöder CWG 520 Coupling networks för burst och surge testing 16A, 3-fas
The coupling network can be used to carry out EMC tests at 3 phase leads according to the standards ...
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Schlöder MGA 1030 Magnetic field generator and analyser DC - 250 kHz
EN 55103-1 + 2, EN 61000-4-8, Automotive, MIL-STD a.o. Generation and measurement of magnetic field...
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Schlöder test/pulse generator PG 01-2000
Test voltage max. 10.000 VPulse form 0,1 / 2000 µsFNN - Forum Network operationReliability of electr...
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Schlöder SESD 216 ESD simulator 16,5 kV
The test generator SESD 216 simulates electrostatic discharge as defined in the standard IEC / EN 61...
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Schlöder SESD 2900 ESD Test System 30kV
Determination of resistance of electric detonators, electroexplosive devices and relays to ESD Con...
Afgive bud
Schlöder SESD 30000 ESD-Simulator 30 kV
Contact discharge up to 30.000 volt Air discharge up to 30.000 volt Modular units special plugs in...
Afgive bud
Schlöder SESD230 ESD-simulator 30kV
Battery or mains operation 30 kV AIR and CON discharge IEC 61000-4-2 (150 pF / 330 Ohm) Predefined t...
Afgive bud
Schlöder SFT 1400 Burst-Generator 125 kHz
Easy operation The clearly arranged front panel with the generator settings allows a time-saving an...
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Schlöder SFT415 Capacity Coupling Clamp
For Burst tests to data lines and other cablesIEC / EN 61000-4-4 and project IEC 61000-4-4 Ed.3-2010...
Afgive bud
Schlöder SFT415-1 Capacity Coupling Clamp with protection cover
For Burst tests to data lines and other cablesIEC / EN 61000-4-4 and project IEC 61000-4-4 Ed.3-2010...
Afgive bud
Schlöder VIS 1700 Voltage interruption simulator
Afgive bud
Schlöder SFT 1420 Burst-Generator 2 MHz
Frequency up to 2000 kHzmax. 2000 pulses per packet Continuos burst up to 15 kHz Special function:...
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TekBox TBTC1 TEM Cell for EMC Pre-Compliance Testing
Radiated emission tests are typically carried out in anechoic chambers, using antennas to pick up th...
4 985 DKK
TekBox TBLC08 Line Impedance Stabilization Network according to the CISPR16 standard, 8A, 240V
The TBLC08 is a Line Impedance Stabilization Network for the measurement of line-conducted interfer...
5 346 DKK
TekBox TBMDA1 modulated wideband driver amplifier
CW amplifier (modulation off)1 kHz, 80% AM modulation1 kHz, 50% duty cycle pulse modulation217 Hz, 1...
2 577 DKK
Tekbox TBOH01 5µH Line Impedance Stabilisation Network - CISPR 25
The TBOH01 5µH LISN is a device required to setup conducted noise mesurements of DC-powered devices....
2 192 DKK
TekBox TBTC2 Open TEM Cell for EMC Pre-Compliance Testing
A TEM cell is the right piece of equipment for desktop testing of radiated emissions. Tekbox develop...
6 423 DKK
TekBox TBWA1 Wideband Amplifier 20dB
The TBSWA1/20dB and TBSWA1/40db wideband amplifiers are connected between EMC probe and Spectrum An...
1 754 DKK
TekBox TBWA1/40dB Wideband Amplifier 40dB
The TBSWA1/20dB and TBSWA1/40db wideband amplifiers are connected between EMC probe and Spectrum An...
2 115 DKK
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