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AC clamps

Multi M-140HC AC Current/Leakage with Hi-Voltage Phase Current Detection
Easy!:Measurale Load Current at high voltage CV/CVT cables with grounding lines for shield phase.Epo...
2 223 DKK
Multi M2010 Digitalt tånginstrument 40mm Ø CT, 20A/200A/600A AC, ACV, DCV och Ω
Data-hold and Auto power off function.Conform to IEC safety requirements.Additional AC/DC voltage, r...
908 DKK
Multi M2020 Mini Digital Clamp Tester 40mm Ø CT, 0-300A AC, ACV, DCV, Ω
40mm Ø CT window and ultra compact size.Low cost and multi-function clamp tester.Data hold function ...
765 DKK
Multi M2100 Digital Clamp Tester AC Current, 20A/200A/2000A, 55mmφ CT
Wide current measurements with tear drop type 55mmφCT up to 2000A. Data-hold and Auto power off func...
908 DKK
Multi M220 Mini Digital Clamp Tester AC Current, 20A/200A, 33mmφCT
33mmφCT window and ultra compact size.Data-hold function. Especially useful when working in dark or ...
646 DKK
Multi M225 Mini Digital Clamp Tester AC Current, 200A/600A, 40mmφ CT
40mmφCT window and ultra compact size. Data-hold function. Especially useful when working in dark or...
765 DKK
Multi MCL-3000D Digital strömtång med stor öppning 108X128mm, 0.01 - 3000A AC
Den här är världens största handhållna strömtång (108mmx128mm) som kan mäta strömlaster från 0.01A u...
3 523 DKK
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