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HjemEMC produkterProberBeehive 101A EMC Probe Set

Beehive 101A EMC Probe Set

Beehive 101A EMC Probe Set
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2 269 DKK

  • An integrated electrostatic shield in the loop probes eliminates common-mode pickup.
  • Multiple loop sizes offer optimum sensitivity and spatial resolution at different frequencies.
  • Probe dimensions optimized for access to tight spaces.
  • Calibrated sensitivity up to 3 GHz, depending on model. Usable to beyond 6 GHz.
  • Can be driven by a signal source to generate fields for electromagnetic susceptibility testing.
The 101A probe set contains one of the 100A, B, C and D probes each.


The three loop probes are sensitive to magnetic fields.


They have different diameters, so that the user can select the optimal probe for the frequency of interest.


The 100D stub probe is sensitive to electric fields, and offers the best spatial resolution of all.

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