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HjemHåndholdt InstrumentsRF instrumentPower MetersCOMM-Connect 3018 RF Safety Monitor

COMM-Connect 3018 RF Safety Monitor

COMM-Connect 3018 RF Safety Monitor
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COMM-Connect 3018 RF Safety Monitor
COMM-Connect 3018 RF Safety Monitor


· Frequency range: 10MHz - 10GHz
· Professional limit: 10W/m2
· Public limit: 2W/m2
· Temperature range: -10C to +50C
· Current consumption: 110uAh
· Battery type: 2xAAA
· Operation time: > 250 days
· Weight: < 90g incl. batteries




1 735 DKK

  • Professional exposure limit
  • Public exposure limit
  • Audible Alarm
  • Silent mode
  • Liquid crystal display
  • Compliant to WHO/ICNIRP
  • Battery operated
  • LED Alarm
  • Shaped frequency response:
· US FCC 96-326
· Canada Safety Code 6
· EU directive 2013/35/EU

The SafeOne is a RF Safety Monitor covering the requirements set forth in WHO ICNIRP specifications.


It has a very wide frequency range covering 30MHz to 10GHz, which makes it suitable for use in almost all antenna installations.


Due to the innovative lightweight design, technicians can wear this at all times, without the need to constantly be observant of the state of the instrument.


The SafeOne is powered with standard batteries, with 250 days of continuous operation. 


Made in Denmark!

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