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HjemBænkinstrumentMultimetreRigol DM3058E Multimeter 5 ½ digit resolution

Rigol DM3058E Multimeter 5 ½ digit resolution

Rigol DM3058E Multimeter 5 ½ digit resolution
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Rigol DM3058E Multimeter 5 ½ digit resolution
Rigol DM3058E Multimeter 5 ½ digit resolution

5½ digit true RMS precision table multimeter to measure voltages, currents, resistances, capacitances, and frequencies.
The only difference between DM3058 and DM3058E is that DM3058E doesn't support LAN and GPIB interfaces. 



3 023 DKK

  • True 5 ½ digit resolution (240,000 counts)
  • 123 Readings/second maximum reading rate
  • 0.015% DC Voltage Accuracy
  • USB and RS-232 Connectivity
  • SCPI Command Compatibility
  • Available datalogging and sensor connectivit

The Rigol DM3058E is a high quality digital tabletop multimeter of the DM3050 series with a sampling rate of max. 120 Sa/s.

This Rigol multimeter has a very sophisticated and easy to use interface and provides plenty functions for all measurement tasks.

The use of the menu navigation is very intuitional and the device will provide precise results in its many application areas.

With the help of a computer you can perform long running monitoring tasks too.


The LC-Display is with its 256x64 pixels easy to read and provides a very good overview over all features. The display has a resolution of 5½ digits (max. count 240.000).


Delivery including 2 probes, USB cable, pc software, power cable, 2 replacement fuses and manual.


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