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ECH 10x / 13x for EHQ 10xx / 11xx / 13xx Powered crate with 4 or 8 slots for HV modules of the EHQ 10xx series (with RS232) and EHQ 13xx (with CAN interface).


ECH 12x for HV module_3UC
Powered crate with 4, 8 or 10 slots for HV modules of the CPS, DPS or
EPS series in format _3UC and CAN I/O CIO20Fm to control.

ECH 135 / 13A for CAN-interfaces
Powered crate with 5 or 10 slots for CAN I/O modules CIO20Fm to
control and supply HV modules of the APS, BPS and PHQ series.


ECH 2xxx for 6U HV modules
6U crate with power supply and 4 or 8 slots for 6U multichannel HV modules


EHS + EDS + EBS 8 / F / 20 xxxx series.


Options: - Crate controller with CAN or Ethernet interface
(monitoring voltage and temperature, power-ON/OFF)
- built-in uninterruptible power supply

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