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HjemHigh Voltage ProductsSystemMMP systemiseg PHQ -Integrated HV Supplies for Photomuliplier Tubes (PMT)

iseg PHQ -Integrated HV Supplies for Photomuliplier Tubes (PMT)

iseg PHQ -Integrated HV Supplies for Photomuliplier Tubes (PMT)
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iseg PHQ modules are developed for a direct HV supply of modern photo multiplier tubes (PMT) with the high voltage power supply integrated in the PMT socket. Advantages of PMTintegrated power supplies are:

no HV cabling or connectors necessary no separate HV supply needed small form factor increase of reliability power dissipation reduced by factor 10 and more high temperature stability and thermal balance

  • DC/DC HV supply compactly integrated in PMT socket
  • Low ripple and noise, low EMI
  • Low power consumption
  • High linearity even at high pulse load and rates by stabilized dynode voltages
  • Control- and monitor capabilities
  • Safe anode
  • Current limitation for PMT protection
  • Multichannel capable in MMP system
  • Custom design on all kinds of PMTs

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