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HjemHigh Voltage ProductsSystemMMC systemiseg MMC-Controller -20/24 Bit MMC-System Controller

iseg MMC-Controller -20/24 Bit MMC-System Controller

iseg MMC-Controller -20/24 Bit MMC-System Controller
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The universal MICC interface board connects the analog ports of MMC HV modules in 3U cassettes (CPS, DPS, EPS) with digital standard interfaces. This allows to integrate devices with an analog-I/O into computer-based control systems. The high resolution of analog inputs and outputs allows a very precise control of current and voltage of connected devices.

It is possible, for instance, to control and measure an output voltage of 1,000 V with a resolution lower than 10 mV. For DPS cassette modules it is possible to switch polarity via this interface. The controller supports following functions:

  • Set and read of voltage/current/ramp,
  • HV on/off,
  • Electronically switch polarity for DPS
  • CAN, USB and Ethernet interfaces
  • 16 analog output with 20 Bit DAC
  • 32 analog inputs with 24 Bit ADC
  • 24 digital I/O ports
  • Global safety loop
  • Multiple MICC chainable via CAN

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