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HjemPC Instrument/DataloggersDAQ and Control boardsAnalog-I/O boardsMeilhaus ME-5261-8 PCIe isolated 16 bit/250 kS/s DAQ board

Meilhaus ME-5261-8 PCIe isolated 16 bit/250 kS/s DAQ board

Meilhaus ME-5261-8 PCIe isolated 16 bit/250 kS/s DAQ board
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Meilhaus ME-5261-8 PCIe isolated 16 bit/250 kS/s DAQ board


Option -T "Probe": Input resistance Ri=1 MOhm for the channel(s) of your choice.
Option -E "Extended": Extended input range ±104 V, Ri=200 kOhm. Option for all the 8 channels of a board.


Technical overview



Rate per





External trigger

Bus platform

8 diff.

250 kS/s

16 bit

yes (separate grounds/no common ground),

up to 500 V

1x 8 bit port, TTL level.

standard firmware: Single digital-I/O,

frequency measurement (4 of the channels, 5 MHz),

frequency output (4 of the channels, 5 MHz)

2, TTL,

isolated up to 42 V







9 646 DKK

  • Reliable, precise measurement data acquisition.
  • Potential-free, isolated, full differential channels: Ideal solution for measurement of solar cells, batteries, rechargeable batteries, fuel cells, etc.
  • All advantages of the ME-5000 cobalt series: FPGA technology, variable channel functionality, streaming and more.
  • For PCI-Express and 3 U CompactPCI/PXI.
  • 4 or 8 analog measurement inputs:
    Differential, potential-free, isolated up to 500 V (for 1 s, no common GNDs).
  • Range ±10.4 V. Two external digital triggers.
  • High-precision A/D conversion, 16 bit, 250 kS/s. Individual SAR converter per channel.
  • MMCX connectors (optional terminal board with BNC).
  • Connection of probes, for example for high voltage measurements.
  • 8 digital-I/O channels with variable functions:Standard single-I/O or 4-channel frequency measurement, 4-channel frequency output. Bitchange detection with interrupt.
  • Expandable with add-on cards: For example for more digital-I/O channels - also with opto-isolation!
  • Variable functions with other firmware loadable.


The ME-5261 is a fast, highprecision analog DAQ board with 4 or 8 isolated, differential inputs.


Every channel has an individual A/D converter.

The resolution is 16 bit with rates up to 250 kS/s.


The boards can be expanded with add-on cards, for example with 2 additional bidirectional 8 bit TTL ports.

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