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HjemBænkinstrumentAmplifiers/filtersSRS SR860 DSP 500kHz Lock-In Amplifier

SRS SR860 DSP 500kHz Lock-In Amplifier

SRS SR860 DSP 500kHz Lock-In Amplifier
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SRS SR860 DSP 500kHz Lock-In Amplifier
SRS SR860 DSP 500kHz Lock-In Amplifier
SRS SR860 DSP 500kHz Lock-In Amplifier
SRS SR860 DSP 500kHz Lock-In Amplifier

Superb performance. Outstanding value. They're what you've come to expect from a Stanford Research Systems lock-in amplifier.


And they're delivered by the new SR860 500 kHz Lock-in Amplifier, the latest in a line of innovative lock-ins from SRS.


With unparalleled analog performance, sophisticated new digital signal processing features, a thoroughly modern, intuitive user interface, and a wide range of computer connectivity options, the SR860 is the ideal choice for any synchronous detection application.


Lock-in amplifiers are traditionally time-domain instruments but sometimes it's easier to understand a signal in the frequency domain.

The SR860 is at home in both worlds.

An FFT display shows the spectrum of the input signal at the front end, the post-mixer signal, or the spectrum of the signal after the time-constant filters.

Using the FFT displays can simplify tracking down sneaky noise sources that would otherwise get lost in the "one-number" output of a conventional lock-in amplifier.




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  • 1 mHz to 500 kHz
  • Low noise voltage and current inputs
  • 1 µs to 30 ks time constants
  • High bandwidth outputs
  • Touchscreen data display - large numeric results, chart recordings, & FFT displays
  • 10 MHz timebase input and output
  • GPIB, RS-232, Ethernet and USB
  • HDMI video output

The center of the SR860's front panel is a full-color 640 × 480 touchscreen which can be set to display up to 4 channels of data. (When a dark lab is required, the LCD screen can be blanked from the front panel or from the remote interface.)


Each data channel can be configured to display X, Y, R, Θ, Aux In (1-4), Aux Out (1-2), X noise, Y noise, Sine Amplitude, Sine Out DC Level, Reference Phase, or Reference Frequency.

The screen can be set up to show the data channels as large numbers, easily visible from across the room, or as a "strip-chart" display showing a complete history of each channel with selectable time scales from 0.5 s/div to 2 days/div.


Even when not displaying a measurement, all measurements are always being saved by the SR860 insuring that no data is ever lost.

The touchscreen also continually displays key lock-in setup parameters such as phase, reference frequency, and sine amplitude.


And a rear-panel HDMI port allows the LCD screen to be viewed on any HDMI monitor or TV.

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