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HjemStrømforsyningerAC-aggregatETS EAC-4Q-GS 30 – 180 kVA AC Power Source with Power recycling

ETS EAC-4Q-GS 30 – 180 kVA AC Power Source with Power recycling

ETS EAC-4Q-GS 30 – 180 kVA AC Power Source with Power recycling
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  • High power AC-Source, with output power from 30 KVA to 180 KVA
  • 30 KVA, 45 KVA and 60 KVA in each cabinet, and can be paralleled up to 180 KVA and above
  • Bidirectional current flow
  • Three-phase voltages can be adjusted independently
  • Sequence programming of voltage and frequency
  • Harmonic waveform generation
  • LVRT option supports LVRT test of PV inverters
  • RLC option integrates electronic RLC load inside for anti-island test

EAC-4Q-GS series bi-directional AC-Source contains multi output power levels from 30 KVA to 180 KVA.


Using advanced PWM technology, single power module of 30 KVA, 45 KVA or 60 KVA is integrated in one 600 mm*1800 mm*600 mm (W*H*D) cabinet.

Up to 3 cabinets can be paralleled to get up to 180 KVA as standard.

At most 6 cabinets can be paralleled with factory modificationto get higher output power.


Simple settings can be done from a large LCD display on the front panel; also measurements can be read from front panel.


Programming interfaces including RS232, RS485, CAN and Ethernet are available for automated test applications.


EAC-4Q-GS series AC-Source is a high-performance and multi-functional grid simulator.

It can be used to simulate grid disturbances such as voltage drops, frequency shift, three-phase voltage unbalance and etc.

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